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During the employment process, people are asked to sign different types of internal documentation. The whole procedure starts with job offers during the hiring and continues with security policies, IT and HR policies, payrolls, or sales compensation plans throughout employment.

Fortunately, after the US government passed the ESIGN Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) which makes electronic signatures for HR to be legally binding in the US, this process can be done online entirely.

Nowadays, Human Resources departments can create documents and forms that can be signed anywhere, anytime on any device with few simple clicks.

Electronic Signature for HR Departments

Not only that the usage of electronic signature can dramatically improve turnaround times, but organizations that implemented eSignature can also benefit from enhanced visibility of the HR department, as well as employees’ smooth and modern experience.

Furthermore, companies who adopted electronic signature demonstrate environmental responsibility – a quality which is highly recognized by society and specific high-valued candidates.

Read on to learn the most significant benefits of electronic signature in HR departments:

1. Makes Things Easy on New Hires

The days of HR departments dealing with a stack of employees’ documents are long gone. Nowadays, with the help of advanced electronic signature software, Human Resources teams are capable of digitizing paperwork completely, automating administrative tasks, and revolutionizing the way they perform their duties in general.

2. Legally Binding

The electronic signature for HR is legally binding in the United States, Canada, and the EU. DigiSigner e-signatures for Human Resources are more defensible in court than traditional pen and paper or faxed contracts and much more reliable than scanned or emailed PDFs.

Electronic signature document for HR

3. Saves Time in Document Management

Another benefit of using an electronic signature in HR departments is saving time by adequately managing and archiving all employee documents in digital format. Employees can sign any documents related to the hiring process at any time and from anywhere, such as NDA agreements, labor contract, and other related documents.

4. Saves Company Money by Cutting the Unnecessary Costs

To reduce the paper wastage, as well as the cost involved in the modern hiring process, many HR specialists opt for an efficient solution to save their valuable time and money. Unlike the traditional hiring process which requires sending the contracts to the employees, obtaining their signatures, scanning and archiving the documents, the electronic signature system is much simpler. It’s the ideal choice for HR departments to reap the maximum ROI.
With DigiSigner all employees have to do is open the document via the link they receive in their inbox, sign on it and send it back to the HR department.

5. Works from Anywhere in the World

HR managers don’t have to be present in the office for contacting employees to sign documents online. They can do it on-the-go from any part of the world, without the need for printers, faxes or scanners.

HR Department Employee

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