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Free Electronic Signature Software

Signature software to sign document online




How to Use Signature Software


1. Upload

To use our free electronic signature software, drag & drop your document into the area above or click on the link to choose your file.


2. Sign

Click on the document. Our free signature software offers three signature styles. Select your preferred style and add your signature.


3. Download

Save the document by clicking on "DONE," then select "DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT" to download your signed copy via a secure connection.

Watch How to Use Signature Software

Legally Binding and Secure

Legally Binding and Secure

Legally Binding & Secure

All the signatures you create with our e-signature software are legally binding and are recognized in court. We respect your privacy and keep your documents fully protected on our servers. The connection with our service is 100% encrypted. When you are finished, we automatically delete your files and signatures.

Sign and fill your forms

Sign and fill out your forms

It is easy to use our electronic signature software to sign and fill out your forms. Do you need to add text to your document? No problem. Do you want to add the current date, put a checkmark, or your initials? This is possible as well. You can add to your file any content of your choice.

Different file formats

Different file formats

We provide support for different file formats. Do you want to sign a Word file? No problem. Do you need to upload and sign a scanned document? Our software can do this for you. We also support Excel documents, TXT, and RTF files.

Different signature styles

Many ways to create a signature

You can draw your signature, type it or upload a scanned image. Our digital signature software supports all of these options. All of them are equally legally binding and are recognized in court.

Signature software step-by-step instructions

You don't need to download or install anything to create a signature. Our free signature software lets you sign and fill out documents directly in your browser. To accomplish this, read the following instructions and sign your PDF, Word, Excel, or TXT documents. Our tool is 100% free!

1. Upload your document

Drag and drop your document into the blue area above. Another option would be to click the "choose file" link and find the file on your file system. Your files are secure on our servers. Our e-signature software automatically deletes your data as soon as your session expires.

Upload your document

Your document will be displayed in the browser.

Document displayed

2. Fill out your document

Do you need to fill out your document before signing it? If not, you can safely skip this step. If yes, our electronic signature software allows you to add text to your copy anywhere you want. You can easily change the font size by dragging the text box at the corner. Additionally, you can add your initials and insert the current date. You can use the checkmark option if you need to mark a selection.

Fill your form

3. Sign your document

Click with a mouse where your signature needs to be placed. Of course, you can move and resize the created signature any time later.

Click where a signature needs to be placed

Our digital signature software has three digital signature styles:

A) Use your mouse or your finger to draw your signature. It will look mostly realistically if you do this on a touch device.

Use your mouse or finger to draw your signature

B) You can type your name and then select between six fonts our software offers.

Type your name and select between six fonts

C) The last option is to scan your handwritten signature and upload the image. This way, you can achieve the best-looking results.

Scan your handwritten signature

4. Download your document

To save your changes, select "DONE." Then click on "DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT" to download your signed document and save it on your system.

You can optionally create an account with our free signature software if you like. This allows you to keep all your signed documents in one place. If you decide to upgrade, you can use our professional features like sending documents for signing, using templates, branding, generating signing links, working with your team, etc.

Electronic Signature Software FAQ

Is this required to download your software to sign documents?

Our electronic signature software is available online. You don't have to download or install anything. Just upload your file and sign it directly in the browser.

Is there any limit on the number of documents I can sign?

Our free e-signature software doesn't limit the number of signed documents. You can upload and sign as many as you need.

Does your signature service create legally binding signatures?

Yes, it does. All the signatures you create with our service are legally binding, independent of the signature type you used. It doesn't matter if you type your name, draw your signature or upload a signature image.

How can I be sure that your documents are secure on your servers?

We care about your privacy. Your documents are saved on our servers only for the duration of your session. All your data, files, and signatures will be automatically deleted when the session expires.

If I sign a document using your e-signature software, can somebody change the document's content after that?

If somebody changes the document content after signing it, the digital signature applied to the document gets invalidated. This means it is impossible to change the document content without breaking our digital signature.

Can it happen that somebody manipulates my signed document after I sign and download it?

If somebody manipulates your signed document, the digital signature added by our digital signature software gets invalidated. This fact is easily verified by opening the signed copy in Adobe Acrobat Reader and selecting the "Signature Panel" option. You will immediately see the validation result.

Can I sign Microsoft Word documents?

Sure, you can also sign Word documents with our service. Please note that our electronic signature software converts all uploaded files to PDF format so that the resulting file will be a PDF.

Does your e-signature software require generating a certificate?

No, you don't need to generate a certificate to use our software for signing documents. Just upload your file, sign it in your browser and download the signed copy when you are done.

Is it possible to send documents for signature with your free e-signature software?

Our service allows you to invite other people to sign your documents. The invited signers don't need to have an account with us. They can open the sent documents directly from the email and sign them in the browser. The signed copy will be sent to your email address.

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