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Recently, Human Resources departments play a decisive role in applying digital transformation strategies to improve productivity and the company’s culture.
This means incorporating tools, such as the electronic signature to help companies make the process of signing NDAs, insurance forms, tax and other documents entirely paperless.

eSignature Becoming a Vital Tool in HR Departments

New employee paperwork can cause challenges and slow down productivity within the HR industry.
Since HR departments greatly rely on the timely, correct, and complete documentation where operational efficiency is crucial in the industry, embracing e-signing services is a natural step in automating the business processes.

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Nowadays, traditional hard-copy signatures are becoming impractical during the hiring process. HR departments face scenarios like thousands of employees in the company who are often asked to sign various forms and contracts. To avoid this, an electronic signature is used by HR teams to proceed with a timely, secure, and legally binding way of signing documents digitally, online.

Advantages of the Electronic Signature in HR Departments

Speed up recruitment

Recruiting tends to be a very manual and time-consuming process which generally requires many departments to participate. Using the electronic signature enables HR to proceed with documentation such as contracts, offers, or confidentiality agreements in a matter of hours, saving all the time it would have taken otherwise.

Provide accuracy and compliance

Organizing all hire forms manually can often lead to inconsistencies, and that’s the last thing HR professionals want. Avoiding those discrepancies will let you stay compliant with laws, audits, and other vital processes.

Reduce costs and save time

Sending all kinds of documents online gives Human Resources teams extra time that they can spend on other tasks such as looking for new talent and managing internal events. Going digital also means decreasing the time spent on printing paperwork, therefore, reducing costs of paper, ink and printing maintenance.

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Authenticating Employee Identity

Another aspect of eSignatures that can be a big time saver for Human Resources departments is personal authentication. Electronic signature meets the authentication requirements related to compliance since all digitally signed documents are automatically uploaded into the HR database; reducing the costs of printing, paper, and courier.
Employees can sign HR papers and forms from anywhere, on any device, at any time – without the wariness of having omitted initials, incomplete forms, and signing in the wrong spot.

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How DigiSigner Can Help You

Hiring is fundamental to your business growth, and DigiSigner can help make the recruiting process completed easier than ever. You can sign up for 14 days free trial now to easily track important HR documents and speed up employment processes.

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