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How eSignatures Strengthen Your Customer Experience

Electronic signature solution to strengthen your customer experience

The urgency to reduce the time and hassle to open an account, to enhance mobility, and to acquire new products, are some of the considerations for adopting an electronic signature solution.

Digital transformation can enable processing business documents online — which can improve the time it takes for you to provide your customers with the service they want. The direct correlation of eSignatures with customers from different industries varies from:

  • banks (where your customers can open an account faster than before or improve loan application performance; to
  • real estate (customers don’t need to travel long distances to verify every step of the transaction; instead, they can sign a real estate lease, listing agreement, offer, or contract on the go); and
  • sales teams (losing leads in the time between closing a sale and getting an ink-on-paper signature is a thing of the past).

Mobile Friendly

Are you sending customers heavy documents that assume full keyboard and screen visibility? If the answer is yes, you are running at risk of your mobile customers having a tough time. Businesses who understand that customers often use their laptop or smartphone rather than a desktop computer can save them significant time from navigating clunky documents on a cell phone.

Creating eSignature with an Agent

Self-service is not a viable option in some industries, such as real estate or automotive retail. Giving an agent electronic signature tools can simplify the procedure of processing contracts and forms. In other words, it may eliminate the overwhelming amount of paperwork and interact with the customer more flexibility.

As a result, your agents will be able to create a more intuitive customer experience than is feasible with pen-on-paper transactions.

Legally binding eSignatures

Provides Document Security

You and your customers won’t have to worry about facing authentication issues when it comes to specific industry regulations. 

A few decades ago, sending documents to third parties was associated with often missing files or mishandling some critical information. Implementing an electronic signature solution allows receiving, reviewing, signing, and sending documents to your consumers quickly and securely, thereby improving customer experiences.

Tracks And Monitors Documents

Working with clients and consumers who use eSignatures for finance-based documents is usually accompanied with difficulties for the business to trace the progress of the documents.

An electronic signature solution can provide them with an excellent solution to track customer activities. This includes a detailed audit about who has signed the document, and who has yet to sign.

Electronic signature solution can make your customer experience smoother

More ways how an electronic signature solution can make your customer experience smoother: 

  • Building customer loyalty
  • Creating better referrals
  • Developing a competitive advantage
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing revenue
  • Strengthening customer relationships

The Bottom Line

The application of eSignatures continues to grow, especially as the market for the digital software strengthens. 

To conclude, the traditional paper-based processes require either in-person signatures, postal and shipping services, or fax and email to validate documents. An electronic signature solution for enterprises or small businesses of all types can advance customer engagement while vastly improving operational efficiencies.

At DigiSigner we understand that eSignatures are a vital part of the initial, information-intensive customer interactions.
Sign up for an electronic signature FREE trial to win customer loyalty in no time. 

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