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Electronic Signature Solution for Accountants

Eliminating the outdated paper processes let accountants run all operations online. It also helps them to focus on identifying new opportunities and improving relations with their clients.

The accounting department deals with an overwhelming amount of documentation. The majority of signature transactions are expected to originate on a mobile device in the near future. Therefore, accountants have to be prepared to enable eSignature solutions for documents transmitted electronically.

Some of the benefits an electronic signature solution can offer to accountants include maintaining audit trails of all signed agreements and consent forms. As well as keeping sensitive documents fraud-free, and safe from accidental exposure is also worth mentioning.

Read on for more advantages that eSignature technology can bring to the accounting industry.

Speed Up Accounting Processes

The idea behind implementing an electronic signature solution for small business is often to improve sales. But, the impact on accounting departments can be significant as well.

Instead of handling a lot of paperwork that may require multiple signatures, accountants can drastically reduce the preparation process by using templates. That can lead to dramatic savings due to the shortened time of printing, mailing, or faxing paper forms back and forth.

Facilitate Internal Business Operations

A common issue for businesses is tracking the progress of documents which usually remain with one department for days before moving to the next. eSignatures can ease the process of providing the required signatures internally among the employees within your company. You can use them for board resolutions, documentation, consents, and email votes or other corporate documentation.

Financial reports for accounting departments

They can solve the problems of delays due to straggling and missing signatures when it comes to signing expense reports. Hence the whole operation runs in a more organized manner because the document moves in the right order – from the person completing it to the supervisors, and accounting.

There’s no need to make any hard copies, so what could take weeks can now be completed in only one day. Thus, employees can be reimbursed faster, and accountants can finalize the monthly financial close sooner.

Convenience for Clients

Exceeding client expectations is essential in the digital age when they are dealing with financial technology all the time and are using portals, document management systems, and electronic signatures for many aspects of their daily activities. Clients expect to do business with accountants and tax professionals who are using eSignature technology for official transactions.

Combined with an effective workflow system, eSignatures can remove all physical boundaries and increase efficiencies to develop, share, and archive documentation, so nothing is lost or missing.

Offering Compliance and Security

Compliance is also a key concern as accounting documents are often of a sensitive nature. Ensuring that nobody can tamper the documents in the future is of great importance when it comes to reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.

eSignature solution for accountants

The electronic signature solution also provides the option of long-term verification evidence embedded into the document, which includes trusted timestamps to prove the time of signing and signer’s identity validation.

DigiSigner offers the complete electronic signature solution for accountants, ensuring compliance and transparency at every stage of the signing process.

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