Electronic Signatures for Law Firms and Legal Departments

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Electronic Signature Solution for Law Firms and Legal Departments

Electronic Signature Solution for Law Firms and Legal Departments

Law firms and legal departments generate massive amounts of paper in their daily practice. From initial client engagement, to close of a case, streamlining your legal processes can provide significant value in the legal sector.

An electronic signature solution for the legal industry can exceed client expectations. Additionally, it can accelerate agreement turnaround time and reduce costs while ensuring document security and privacy. Furthermore, law companies of any size can keep an audit trail and get a certificate of completion while sending documents in a secure environment.

Read on to find out how to get eSignatures from your clients without the expense of postage or printing out the forms.

Regulations and Compliance

As a member of the legal industry, you probably have some concerns regarding the legality of eSignatures. Law firms involved in higher-risk transactions should, indeed, be careful when managing the practical issues and potential legal complexities associated with eSignatures.

In other words, choosing an electronic signature solution that complies with a range of digital signature legislation can eliminate all the doubts and questions whether eSignatures and legally binding.

DigiSigner for Law Companies

DigiSigner is compliant with all major eSignature laws, including the ESIGN Act, UETA, and European eIDAS. Therefore, all signatures you create with DigiSigner are legally binding and are recognized in court.

Companies in the legal industry have a duty to ensure that they trust the eID of the parties they are dealing with. The eIDAS regulation provides a clear set of guidelines and legal acceptance of eIDs and eSignatures.
Similarly, the ESIGN Act and UETA claim that eSignatures hold the same validity and legal effect as signatures on paper documents. Courts may not deny legality, validity, or enforceability of a document solely because it is in electronic form.

Electronic signature solution for the legal industry

Driving Process Efficiency through eSignature Technology

Above all, the time savings that come with adopting the digital transformation can be significant. For instance, legal departments deal with sensitive documents that must frequently be signed by stakeholders in a case.

An electronic signature solution enables law firms to gather signatures from employees, customers, and partners without having to print, mail, or fax records.

The Highest Security Standards

Employing multi-layered security protocols is pivotal for legal businesses. Client onboarding forms, job offers, master service agreements, NDAs, venture capital agreements, and other sensitive documents can be vulnerable to cybersecurity blunders.
Thus protecting clients’ security and vigorously representing their interests is crucial in the current technology environment.

Legally binding eSignatures for law firms

Improve Client Feedback

Finally, if you are dealing with customers who lead busy lifestyles, adopting an electronic signature solution may be the solution to all of your problems. Your clients can have access to documents and systems on any device, making it easier to work mobile.
As a result, delighted customers will reward you with positive reviews and, ultimately, more business.

DigiSigner saves lawyers money, office space, and the hassle of dealing with stacks and stacks of paper. Sign up to get your electronic signature FREE trial now.

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