8 Reasons DigiSigner is the Fastest Growing eSignature Solution

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8 Reasons DigiSigner is the Fastest Growing eSignature Solution

Business owners and entrepreneurs around the world realize the benefits of implementing an electronic signature solution. DigiSigner is a simple and effective way to sign documents online, at any time, from any place.

8 Reasons DigiSigner is the Fastest Growing eSignature Solution

Although many businesses still stick to print hundreds of pages of documents, eSignatures slowly replace paperwork, particularly in the real estate, HR, and legal industry. 

If you’re still unsure what can eSignatures do for your business, and why is DigiSigner the fastest growing electronic signature solution, consider the following:

1. Streamlined Responses

Have you encountered a situation when giving your employees a bunch of documents led to workers just tucking the paperwork away for later, but ‘later’ never came along?
If the answer is yes, then it will be easier for you to understand why we are the fastest growing eSignature solution. In fact, c
ollecting responses to various documentation via DigiSigner can be done in a matter of seconds.

2. Detailed Legal Evidence

Furthermore, DigiSigner offers a lot more legal evidence than a pen-on-paper document. All documents signed with our software come with a highly detailed log of events. The log (audit trail) serves as evidence in the event of a legal dispute.

3. Guarantees More Efficiency

Processing physical documents on a daily basis is a time consuming and costly process.
In contrast, eSignatures can save you precious time that can be used for more important tasks later on. Once you prepare a document or choose one of our already prepared templates, all you need to do is sign the document using our tools and email it to your recipient.

4. Secure Data

Ensuring more data security at the file level is another benefit of adopting the eSignatures for your business. If you want to make sure all operations move without obstruction, a trustworthy electronic signature vendor is a key element to your business workflow.

5. Cost-Effectiveve Solution

Unlike the traditional paper-based methods, DigiSigner doesn’t require scanning, printing, and sending any documents via email or courier.
This never ending process of re-sending and rechecking whether everyone has signed the documents can significantly decrease productivity and increase costs, affecting the business revenue.

6. Developing Goodwill

Clients who used DigiSigner claim that the software is modern, fast, environmentally friendly, and perfect for the complex, bureaucratic document filling procedures. As a result, they can win a few points of approval with their customers, thus increasing consumers’ goodwill.

legally binding electronic signature solution

7. Multi-party Agreements

One of the most significant advantages of implementing our legally binding electronic signature solution is the ability to sign documents that involve multiple signers. After the first party signs the document, the file is forwarded to the next signer in the workflow, so your business works faster than ever before.

8. Faster Turnaround 

Instead of traveling and organizing meetings, you can send links to documents via email. Documents can be sent and returned at a time convenient to both parties. Moreover, you can bring clients and suppliers on board sooner, reducing the chances of changing their minds before they enter into a formal agreement.

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