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The big time spent on signing documents, organizing personal meetings and discussions are a thing of the past. Today, you can sign a nondisclosure agreement online using advanced encryption and privacy technologies. To do this, it is enough to have a device with Internet access.

How to eSign NDA with DigiSigner?

Use the DigiSigner online service to sign an NDA over the Internet without a personal meeting with the other party. You no longer need to spend time and try to adjust the schedule to arrange a meeting, and you also do not need to prepare paper versions of documents.

  1. To sign an NDA online with DigiSigner, follow steps:
  2. register using your email address;
  3. upload the prepared nondisclosure agreement from the device via the “Upload” button or from the cloud storage of Dropbox or Google Drive;
  4. when the document is loaded in your account, click Sign;
  5. scroll through the contract to the page where the signature is needed, and click the left mouse button;
  6. in the window that appears, select how to sign: a mouse/trackpad, text, download a signature scan from your device or a snapshot on a webcam;
  7. adjust the position and size of the added signature and click Done on the top panel.

Changes to the document are saved automatically; it will no longer be possible to delete your signature. Send the second side of the agreement for signing with the button Send for signing. If you want to leave the details second, first send the document to the first party. After signing it, you will find the contract in the Waiting for Me folder.

Council If you often sign such documents, create a stub in DigiSigner, entering all the data that is repeated every time. Then automatically add the prepared template to each document, having familiarized with its contents.

What is NDA?

A nondisclosure agreement is essentially a contract. This is a document between the two parties about what to do or not do to get a benefit or cause damage. For a nondisclosure agreement to be considered legal, it must meet basic requirements.

One of these requirements is the mandatory reading of the contents of the document by both parties. When signing an NDA online, it is difficult to verify this condition; therefore, an agreement intended for signing under an electronic signature is always begun with it.

It is necessary to make sure that both parties to the agreement have reached 18 or 21 years, depending on the state, and are also mentally balanced. The last conclusion you could draw from the communication that preceded the formation of the agreement.

Another necessary condition is that a nondisclosure agreement should not be based on any illegal actions; otherwise, it automatically loses legal force.

Who signs the NDA?

The terms of the agreement may cover two or more specific individuals or entire private enterprises. If the document relates to the company, the signature is put by the responsible person representing it. This may be the director, his representative. Authority to set the details must also be pre-registered with the relevant resolution.

The legality of the NDA signed in DigiSigner

DigiSigner uses advanced encryption technology and therefore can guarantee full compliance with the norms and requirements of the legislation. The maintenance of documents in electronic format, as well as the validity of electronic signatures, are governed by the Law on Electronic Signatures in Global and National Trade (2000) and the Law on Uniform Electronic Transactions (1999).

Note! The listed laws work in the United States. If the second party is a citizen from the EU, the legal force of the documents is also regulated by Article 25 of the Brussels Regulation.

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