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Every day thousands of documents are signing in paper form, electronic papers are signing in the same quantity. The lease agreement can be signed online, like any other document that has legal weight and imposes responsibility on the signers.

How to sign a lease agreement with DigiSigner?

Signing an online rental document has a lot of advantages over making a deal in paper form. You and the second party do not need to spend time in person, the tenant gets acquainted with all the conditions in advance, and access to the Internet allows you to get new customers or look for more modern facilities if you are a tenant.

To sign a rental agreement online, use the DigiSigner service. Working with papers will take you no more than 15 minutes with a computer, smartphone or tablet, as well as access to the Internet:

  1. Register using your email;
  2. Download the lease from the device via the “Upload” button or from the Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage;
  3. When the document appears in the list in your account, click Sign;
  4. Scroll through the contract to the place where the signature is required, and click the left mouse button;
  5. In the window that appears, select the signature option: mouse/trackpad, text, download a signature scan from your device or a snapshot on the webcam;
  6. Use the mouse to adjust the position and size of the added signature and click Done on the top panel.

The document automatically saves the changes, and it will no longer be possible to delete your signature. Sign the tenant/landlord with the button. Send for signing. If you want to leave a signature second, first send the document to the first party. After signing it, you will find the contract in the Waiting for Me folder.

What is a lease agreement?

A lease is a legal document that governs the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. It indicates the characteristics of the object that is being rented:

  • square size;
  • address;
  • rental purpose: living, commerce;
  • owner.

The contract must indicate the terms of the lease, as well as regulate the financial relations of the parties, for example, suggest that only rent or additional services are paid. Often, such documents indicate the possibility of a subsequent purchase of the object. The same conditions apply to rental cars and other property.

Who signs the lease?

The lease agreement involves the relationship of two people – the landlord and the tenant. It so happens that a mediator represents one of the parties, then his signature is also necessary for this document. Besides, under US law, a third party must also be responsible for signed documents.

The legality of the lease agreement signed in DigiSigner

A rental agreement signed online with DigiSigner is fully legally binding following the Law on Electronic Signatures in Global and National Trade, adopted by Congress in 2000.

According to him, the contract cannot be deprived of legal force only for the reason that it was signed in electronic form. It is also impossible to refuse him compulsory execution if the signature was made using software or online service.

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