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A general contract is a form of the contractual relationship between a customer and a client or contractor. It implies a long-term relationship, which means the provision of services or delivery of products.

eSign general contracts with DigiSigner

To put an electronic signature remotely, you do not need to understand the mechanisms of data protection and document authentication. Also, it does not require the complex organization of meetings, sending documents, faxes, and more. With the help of online services, it is easy to put the signature in the general contract, without departing from your computer.

A simple document signing algorithm in DigiSigner includes several steps. Start by registering on the website. Authorization does not take much time but protects your data.

Add a document that requires signing by clicking on the “Upload Document” button. If the contract is in the cloud, you can download it immediately from Google Drive or Dropbox.

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The downloaded document appears in the list in your account. You can sign it first or send it to the contractor/client. To sign, click “Sign,” to send – “Send for signing.”

How to sign general contract with online service

Scroll through the document to the place where the signature should be located, click the “Signature” button. A pop-up window will appear in which you can select one of the electronic signature options:

  • text;
  • to sign with touchpad / mouse;
  • download the image of the scanned signature;
  • loading of other certifying personal details.

The selected option will be saved in your personal account, it means that every time when you sign other documents after clicking “Signature”, your ready signature or downloaded document will be offered.

How to add a signature in general contract

The signature can be easily changed in size directly in the document. Then you need to click “Done” or save with the download button.

How to download general contract

If the second party first signed the contract, and now returned to you for your signature, you will find it in the “Waiting for me” folder.

How to check general contracts

You can follow the process of signing by other parties to the contract in the “Waiting for others” section. If your document has already been signed, a “Signed” comment would have appeared in the list below it.

In practice, it is recommended to sign the document second in line. Thus, you will mark any certain changes in the structure or composition of the contract, if they are made. You can also make sure that the other party signed the document exactly in the form in which it was presented to you.

Types of general contracts

The general contract has a general, universal purpose. It describes the mutual responsibilities and rights of both parties, the nature of the working relationship. General contracts in various industries:

  • transport – an agreement on the transportation of a certain volume of cargo by regular flights;
  • constructing – a contract for the implementation of the entire complex of construction and installation works, which contains a description of the final result characteristics that the contractor must hand over;
  • lease – an agreement with one organization that will be the lessor in all subsequent contracts with sub-tenants – renters;
  • economy – an agreement between the supply centers, under which the products must be delivered by a certain date.

In constructing also distinguish the general contract. In this case, the contractor assumes responsibility for the complete final result. Often the second party of the general contract, as a contractor, undertakes to work with subcontractors:

  • to control the timing of intermediate tasks;
  • to regulate the relationship between subcontractors;
  • to build a plan for accepting works in the stipulated time frame;
  • to plan a phased implementation of work.

In collaboration with subcontractors, the general contractor presents the final result of the work. Example: an apartment buyer is a customer; the developer is a general contractor. Companies providing building materials, services of installers, plumbers, etc. are subcontractors.

General contract preparation

Before signing the general contract, representatives of both companies meet to discuss the details of the document. Preparation is carried out by lawyers of both organizations, representatives of legal entities and individuals. As a result, the document should:

  • meet the interests of both parties;
  • have a clear list of conditions under which it can be terminated early;
  • describe the expected results of cooperation;
  • guarantee the protection of the rights of both parties;
  • delineate specific responsibilities.

The document should include all force majeure that may  impede the fulfillment of obligations, as well as ways out of the situation.

Signing the general contract

General contract can be signed in person or remotely. At a personal meeting, the document is signed, this process usually takes place with several witnesses on both sides and gives rise to labor relations, unless other dates are specified in the contract.

Remote signing is possible if physically the companies are far from each other and a personal meeting is impossible. With the help of digital data protection and authentication mechanisms, one can sign a general contract using a computer, even from different continents.

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