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The PDF format allows you to save color and complex documents in electronic form without losing the quality of the display elements. You can send a document in PDF format in several ways, which differ in the convenience and the level of data protection.

How to send a PDF document with DigiSigner?

If you plan to send documents containing important or confidential information or your data, make sure that sending is as safe as possible. This will prevent third parties from accessing your information.

DigiSigner is an online service that helps you send documents in PDF format as securely as possible with advanced data encryption technologies. To get started with the service, log in via email and create a password.

After that, the personal account will open. To download a pre-prepared PDF document, click on the Upload button if it is on your device. If the document is stored in Dropbox or Google Drive cloud services, you can download it using the Get from cloud button.

Wait until it is loaded into the list in your account. Now click the Send for Signing button to its right. In the window that appears, enter the email address of the recipient of the PDF document and add a comment to the letter, if necessary. Click Send.

If you need to send documents in response, you will find them in the Waiting for Me folder. In your account, you can always download or delete your paper. You can also use the service tools to sign your PDF file electronically.

How to create a PDF document?

If you work in the Microsoft Office suite, you can immediately save the necessary documents in PDF format. Open the desired one and click File. Then go to Save As – select PDF format. This scheme converts Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and other files.

If you use Office software on a Mac, follow this algorithm to create a PDF document:

  1. Open the File tab;
  2. Click the Save As … button;
  3. click File Format at the bottom of the window;
  4. Select PDF in the list of formats;
  5. Name the document.

Such a file will look the same on most computers. The PDF format is also accessible because it meets industry standards and is suitable for industrial printing.

How to send PDF Documents by Email

The prepared PDF document can be sent by email. To do this, log in to your email exchange service and click on the Create New Email button.

Enter the email address of the recipient, and then upload the document as an attachment to the letter. To do this, locate the Add button or the paperclip icon, depending on the service you use.

How to Add Password into PDF Document

To increase the security of transferring your File, you can set a password for it. To do this, open the PDF and follow the path: Tools – Security – Encrypt – Encrypt with a password.

Check the box that appears so that the password is required to open the document and edit it. Now enter the password itself – the indicator on the left will work, which will show how complex your chosen combination is.

In the Compatibility menu, select the software version that the recipient of the document will use. Then click on the Encrypt whole document button and save the changes. To exit, you will need to re-enter the password in the same window that appears.

How to Send PDF with the access link

Another option to share a PDF document is to upload it to the cloud storage or file sharing services by creating a shared link. Upload the File to the selected service and copy the link, and then send it to the recipient. He will go to the address and download or view the File. Do not pass the link to third parties to prevent the dissemination of confidential information.

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