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The electronic signature is a document attribute providing information about the owner and his position. This attribute helps to prevent edits of the document by other people and other devices, as well as to confirm the integrity of the document’s content. The digital signature is a more advanced option that requires not only encryption but also obtaining a certificate of conformity.

How to insert a Signature in Word with DigiSigner

You can sign in an electronic document and confirm its authenticity using the following method:

  1. Register with DigiSigner.
  2. Select “Upload Document” or “Get from cloud” if the document is stored in a Dropbox cloud or Google Drive.
  3. Wait for the document load and click “Sign”.
  4. In the right place of the document click “Signature”.
  5. In the pop-up window that appears, select the signature method: text, electronic signature, uploading an image / object from the device or photo to the webcam.

The block added to the document can be moved and edited by size.  When the signature will be displayed where it is necessary, you need to click “Done”.

The document will receive a “Signed” comment.  It can be immediately downloaded or unloaded from the list of documents on the main page. The service allows you to perform several actions to install the details:

  • send documents to other members if several signatures are required;
  • create a document sharing link for members;
  • add multiple fields for signatures;
  • sort the documentation by project folder;
  • create autotext templates or signatures in case of there are documents that need to be signed regularly;
  • perform document branding;
  • set up sending signed documents directly to e-mail.

If several members leave their signatures in the document, it is convenient to follow the signing process in your account.

How to insert a Digital signature in Word

The Digital signature must contain unique information about the owner of the document. It is pre-approved by certification authorities which are responsible for providing a digital certificate that can be compared with a passport or license. Appealing to these authorities, a person has possibility to receive a storage with a set of digital keys.

Word tools do not provide such certificates; however, they can add unique information about a computer. Although Word does not use owner data, it generates public and private encryption keys which directly indicate that the document belongs to the particular device and its administrator:

  • Private key remains on the device. This is a unique and secret sequence of characters with which digital signatures are generated.
  • Public key is a sequence of characters that are needed to verify a signature and is known to all users who receive the document.

How to add Digital signature:

  1. In the document which should be certified, select “Insert”, and then click “Signature Line”.
  2. In the pop-up window which will appear “Signature settings,” you need to enter your full name, email address, position, instructions, if necessary, and click OK.
  3. When the Signature Line appears in the text, click on it twice.
  4. Instead of X, enter your name, below click on the certificate selection button. If the path is not specified, Windows will generate a simple certificate with a public key.
  5. Click on the “Certificate Properties” then “Details”.
  6. Make sure that “Non-Repudiation” is entered in the “Key Usage” field.
  7. Close “Certificate Properties”, click “Sign”.

At the top of the document, a notification will appear that the author marks the version of the document as final.  Now you can edit the document only on this device, none of the other users or using another device can change the content.

If there is a certificate issued by a third-party service, you will need a PIN code when you select from the storage.  This PIN code confirms that not someone else is using the certificate from the storage, but directly its owner. This method is supported in versions of Word 2016, 2013, 2010 and Word in Office 365.

How to add a Digital signature in Word on Mac

Word on Mac OS does not support certificate management.  Working with digital signatures is possible through cryptographic protection programs:

  1. Install the program using the prompts on the screen.
  2. Install browser plugin.
  3. Using the key storage, add a personal certificate.
  4. Configure the plugin, check the status of the certificate line: “Finder” – menu item “Transition” – “Utilities” – “Terminal”.

Using the Terminal, with the help of prompts of the installed software, you can create a necessary owner’s details, which are then placed on the quick access panel and allows you to add a digital signature to the documents in one click.

How to add an electronic signature in Word

The electronic signature is inferior to the digital in terms of security, but it guarantees the owner’s intention to enter into a contract or to certify the paper. This option is much simpler than digital encryption and is more often involved precisely when two people need to sign.

The electronic signature, in this case, is the image, photo, icon, initials – any details which are characterized the signer.  Authenticity is confirmed by the parties involved; therefore a certificate of conformity is not provided. To insert, you can use the tools to add images:

  1. In the document, click on “Insert” – “Picture”.
  2. On the device, select the appropriate signature / details image.
  3. Click “Paste”.

Nearby may be the initials, date, position. To prevent them from being deleted or changed, you need to set data protection. Then this version is marked as final.  To do this, click “File” – “Details” – “Protect Document”.  Here you need to select “Mark the document as final.”

If you need to use all details at once as a signature like position, full name, company name – you can add autotext:

  1. Write the text with all needed details and select it
  2. Proceed to “Insert” – “Text”.
  3. Further “Express blocks” – “AutoText”.
  4. Save selection.

In the future, a saved block of all personal details will be available along the same path, which can be entered in any document.

How to insert an electronic signature in Word on Mac OS

For Mac OS, a previously prepared image of signature, photo, or another object is inserted as follows:

  1. Open the document and set the cursor in the place where you want to sign.
  2. Select the tab “Insert” – “Pictures”.
  3. Choose an insertion method – via the photos browser from iPhoto, Photo Booth or just from a file.
  4. Drag the desired file into the document and click “Paste” in the file browser.

Another way is to select the checkbox “Link to file” in the dialog box “Select picture.”  This method is suitable if the details are large.

How to add Handwritten signature in Word

The handwritten signature is a kind of electronic version.  It is not confirmed by certificates but guarantees the intention of the signer.  To add a handwritten signature, you need to follow the following algorithm:

  1. Sign on a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Scan image.
  3. Save as .jpg or .png.
  4. Open the desired document.
  5. Select “Insert” – “Picture”.
  6. Select image of signature.
  7. Click “Paste”.
  8. Save changes with the installation of the final version of the document.

If there is no scanner, you can take a picture using a webcam.  Using the image from the scanner standard tools it is needed to pre-cut the excess space around the signature.  The algorithm is relevant for versions 2010, 2013 and 2016, as well as for Word Office 365.

How to add Handwritten Signature in Word on Mac

To create a signature, you can use the camera or trackpad.  The action algorithm is as follows:

  1. Launch the Viewer application.
  2. Select “Tools” – “Add note”.
  3. Next, select “Signature” – “Manage signatures”.
  4. Sign on the sheet of paper and scan with the iSight camera – no additional equipment is needed, or to sign with the stylus on the touchpad..
  5. Select “Signature” above the main working area in the document.
  6. Click on the previously created signature.

Needed details will be added as an image in the center of the page than it needs to be moved to the right place and reduced in size.

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