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Documents in electronic format are increasingly used by enterprises and companies, as they have several advantages over paper documentation. Many also convert existing archives of paper documents into electronic format. This facilitates the search, storage, and audit of information, as well as ensures the safety of documentation. Digitization of documents is performed by scanning, and sometimes it becomes necessary to send such formats to other people.

How to send Scanned Documents

You can send pre-scanned documents in several ways:

  • use online services to send documents in encrypted form;
  • attach to the email in the form of images or files;
  • send an email in the form of a PDF document.

Different sending methods imply a different level of security for your data. If this is inside company information or your confidential data, take care to choose the safest way.

How to send Scanned Documents with DigiSigner

DigiSigner is an online service for sending and signing electronic documents. You can deliver scanned papers without worrying that outsiders can take possession of your data. The service provides advanced encryption and data protection.

To download the prepared file, log in to the service using your email and create a password. After that, the main page will open – your account. Upload the document with the Upload button if it is located on your device, or Get from the cloud if the document is in the Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage.

The selected file will appear in the list in your account. Click opposite Send for signing and enter the recipient’s email in the window that appears. You can also add a comment to your letter.

Documents will be stored after sending on the main page. You can delete or download them at any time. If you need to send a certified electronic copy, you can sign it directly in the service.

To do this, before sending, click opposite the Sign button. On the page that opens, go to the place where you need to put the requisites. Click the left mouse button, and then select the signature format. After clicking the Done button, it will be impossible to delete your signature, and you can send a signed and protected document.

How to Send Scanned Document with Email

A less secure, but another affordable way to send scanned documents is to attach them to the letter. For this:

  1. make a scan of the document to be sent;
  2. open your email service;
  3. create a new letter;
  4. enter the address of the recipient;
  5. click Attach files and select prepared scans on the device;
  6. press Submit.

The recipient will see the documents in the format of images or attached files for download and will be able to download them to your device.

How to Protect Scanned Files

Another option is to use the PDF format when scanning directly. This will allow you to increase the security of sending via regular email slightly. The form can usually be chosen in the program provided by your manufacturer of equipment for scanning documents.

After forming a PDF document according to the instructions of the scanner manufacturer, open the file itself. Go to Tools – Encryption – Password Encryption. Here select the Set password field. Think of a combination that will be required to open and edit a document.

Now you can send a PDF file with scanned documents via email as described above. Give the recipient a password to open the document in any safe way.

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