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With the expansion of postal networks and electronic technologies, it has become more accessible for people to find new partners, customers, and friends in other countries. Often, when moving or working with people from abroad, you have to send documents for registration, familiarization or signing. For example, there are several ways to send documents to India from the United States.

How to send documents to India from the USA with DigiSigner

The fastest and safest way to send documents is to use services for encrypted transmission of electronic papers. Especially when it comes to personal data, confidential information, access to which third parties are undesirable. Especially be careful if the documents contain any data on tax and bank accounts.

DigiSigner offers to send documents to India from the USA using advanced encryption technologies and protecting your data. You can work with your documents from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone if they have access to the Internet.

Sending documents to India from the USA using DigiSigner follow these few steps:

  1. Log in to the service using your email;
  2. In the personal account, click the Upload button to upload a document from the device or Get from the cloud if you are storing papers in cloud storages;
  3. Wait for the document to be downloaded in the list in your account;
  4. Click Send for signing and enter the email address of the recipient of your documents in India;
  5. Press Send button.

You can also pre-sign your e-signature if necessary. To do this, opposite the document you need to click Sign. On the new page, scroll to the place where you need a signature and click the left mouse button. A window appears to select the signature. When finished, click Done and repeat the algorithm described above for sending. All the details supplied cannot be removed from the electronic document.

Your documents will be stored in your account and will not be lost on delivery. You can download them at any time or sort them into separate folders if you need to send a lot of papers.

How to prepare document for sending from USA to India

If you need to send documents to India that have not yet been converted to electronic format, you will need a scanner. Scan sequentially all pages of documents according to the instructions from the manufacturer of your equipment.

Save scans of all pages in a PDF document – programs from scanner manufacturers usually provide this functionality. The finished document can be sent using DigiSigner.

If you have electronic documents, you can pre-sign them directly in the service and immediately send to the recipient. Share papers instantly. If the recipient has to send you any copies back, you will find them in the Waiting for me section.

Advantages of sending documents online

It is rather challenging to work with paper documents and even more so to send them abroad. Sending electronic documents significantly exceeds the delivery of paper copies:

  • the second party will receive your files instantly;
  • no need to wait and track delivery;
  • no need to overpay for shipping, insurance, packaging;
  • documents will not be lost on the road;
  • You do not need to worry about the mass of accompanying papers and checks;
  • Your data is secure and encrypted.

Most modern organizations and companies will support the transfer of documents in electronic form. This facilitates not only the process of sending but also the storage, copying, and auditing of documents, tracking their movements.

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