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An agreement is a regulatory legal act with some differences from a contract.  It can be said that any contract is an agreement of two parties.  However, not every agreement can be a contract.

eSign Agreement with DigiSigner

When preparing an agreement on regulation, conclusion or termination of the contract, it is not necessary to physically be present at the drafting and signing.  A responsible person by proxy can participate in the drafting of the document and represent your interests.  A document can be signed electronically using DigiSigner.

Register on the website to save and sort the signed documents, as well as track the process of signing by other participants online.  There are tools for signing without registration.

Upload a document prepared in advance using the button “Upload.”  If the documentation is in the cloud, you can download it with the “Get from the cloud” button from Google Drive or Dropbox.  The downloaded document appears first in the list.

To sign it, use the “Sign” button, and if you first want to send the partner for signing – “Send for signing.”  You can select several documents in the list and sign them together.

After clicking on the “Sign” button, the document being signed opens.  Scroll through and select a place for signature, and then click on the selected area with the left mouse button.

A pop-up window appears in which you can sign using the mouse or the touchpad, as well as enter text with initials or upload a finished scanned signature via Webcam or Upload.  If you put your signature in this service once, it saves, and then immediately will offer to substitute it into the document.

The added signature can be increased or decreased in size if necessary.  Choosing tools in the field on the left, you can write the date, initials, as well as additional text marks in the document.

Save the changes with the “Done” button or unload the document using the download arrow.  The Signed comment will appear in your account.  If the agreement was sent to the partner for signature and returned to you, you will find it in the “Waiting for me” folder.

Manage documents, track the signing of other members in the folders of your account, as well as create requisite ready-made templates for signing using the “Templates” button.

Concept of agreement

An agreement is an understanding between two persons, executed as an official document or informal achievement of conditions that suit both parties.  The conclusion of an agreement is needed to regulate different areas of the company or two individuals.

Today an agreement is also a tool for the development of a company.  For example, two legal entities signed an agreement that, if certain conditions are met, they will sign an agreement on long-term cooperation within a specified period.

In this case, the agreement arises like the previous step. It guarantees both parties the fulfillment of all points and protects their rights.  With the help of agreements, it is possible not only to prepare for cooperation but also to prolong it or to break it.

The parties to any agreement are individuals, their representatives, as well as labor and trade unions or their groups.  The agreement in any form can have two or three parties differ in the source of receipt of finance.  If the authorities are involved in the signing, the agreement is considered to be tripartite.

Varieties of agreements

Considering the areas in which agreements can regulate business matters, they are distinguished as follows:

  • general – describes the general provisions of cooperation, the conditions of this cooperation, economic and labor characteristics;
  • interregional – determines the basis of financial and business relations at the level of two or more regions;
  • regional – defines social, partnership and financial relations within one region;
  • sectoral – conditions for payroll, labor guarantees, benefits and incentives for employees in a particular industry;
  • territorial – the general conditions of cooperation and guarantees within one entity.

Other forms include all agreements that do not fit into any of the above categories.

If the agreement provides funding from the state budgets, even a partial one, a representative of the authorities must participate.

Structure and content of eAgreement

The content of the agreements and their structure are determined by each other.  The parties can choose the issues under discussion and the fixed points independently, including them in the document.  The presentation of specific questions will depend on the type of document.

For example, the structure of the general agreement between partners, which regulates the working conditions for their employees:

  • financial approach;
  • salary, income, quality of life;
  • employee value in the labor market;
  • promoting decent employment;
  • working conditions and labor protection;
  • production safety;
  • social partnership.

In such an agreement, the parties agree on how they will regulate the work of subordinates during the cooperation.

Document development

The draft agreement is developed during collective bargaining. Only the deadlines are determined in advance within which the document should be ready for signing.  For this, a responsible person is appointed or a commission is created.  They determine at what time the project should be developed, as well as whether participation of government representatives is needed.

When representatives of both parties come to mutually beneficial provisions of the agreement, copies of documents for review are sent to each of the companies or each of the individuals.  This allows expanding the scope of regulation if changes are required, before preparing to sign the document.

Validity and sphere of influence

The parties themselves choose the term of the agreement.  This term should not be longer than the period established by the legislation of the country in which the document is signed.  In other words, the parties agreeing can appoint the period of its action no more, than it is specified in-laws of their country.

The document comes into force from the date of signing or from the time specified in the document itself.  The scope of the document should be indicated in it, but in most cases, the adopted provisions concern only two individuals or companies.


Legal documents do not regulate the procedure for signing.  The parties can sign the document in any order, physically attending the signing or sending the details in electronic form.  It is often recommended to sign the agreement as the second in line to make sure that the structure of the document is preserved and to see how the other party signed the document.

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