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How Technology Will Define the Future of Insurance

Until recently, insurance was one of the global economy’s most disrupted sectors. The digital revolution started transforming the insurance industry, which has led to a new wave of competition that many insurance companies found threatening.

Digital Trends Which Are Transforming the Insurance Industry: eSignatures

After decades of working with paper-based documents, inefficient workflows, and outdated software — the insurance companies finally started understanding the benefits of adopting modern technology. They realized how much time and energy they can save by updating and automating their processes.

Read on to find out how digital transformation and eSignatures in particular, can help you do insurance smarter, faster, and better.

Digital Transformation of the Insurance Sector

The top tech trends which are transforming the insurance sector include the following:

Big Data Analytics

As the digital footprint of companies is becoming more significant, insurance businesses realize the necessity of smartly analyzing the collected data to understand their customers better and create customized solutions for them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From assisting insurance brokers in the distribution (using chatbots to sell insurance policies directly to clients) to underwriting (automated data analysis and pricing) and claims assessment, AI can add significant value to the insurance sector.

How Technology Will Define the Future of Insurance

Cloud Computing

Hosting insurance software in remote data centers, rather than on local servers at the insurance offices, can benefit both insurers and their clients.

Internet of Things

For the insurance industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a way to protect investments, verify claims, and to ensure that policy restrictions are followed.


By using blockchain, all the necessary insurance-related information needed for claims verification can be processed immediately. Online transactions that are protected by digital signatures are highly resistant to fraud and data manipulation.

Why Every Insurance Agent Should Adopt an Electronic Signature Solution

While your insurance company may find the adoption of new technologies quite challenging, the return on their investment is worth it. The paper-based process to close a deal is slow and tedious. Implementing a digital transactional workflow can help you close deals faster while increasing revenues. Furthermore, eSignatures for Insurance Industry can cut your costs and help improve your customer satisfaction.

Electronic signature solution for insurance companies

Will Your Customers Be Comfortable with eSignatures?

Employees of insurance companies are not the only ones who can benefit from the eSignatures, but customers as well. They’re becoming tech-savvy and aware of the many opportunities and streamlined processes as a result of implementing an electronic signature solution. As the customer base grows more connected, insurance agencies can offer information anytime and from any device.

How Electronic Signatures Can Change Your Agency Business

Finally, eSignatures will allow you to continue doing business in the same way but complete your transactions more quickly. You can easily send insurance papers or renewal documents in a digital format; therefore, significantly reduce the time you spend sending out and tracking down documents. You don’t need to worry about paper being lost, damaged, or delayed. Additionally, your clients don’t need to remember to come into the agency or send each document to you.

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