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Real Estate Professionals Can Speed Up the Process with an Electronic Signature Solution

Digital transformation has drastically changed the time for closing real estate deals. A few decades ago, real estate agents had to print out their listings and bring a copy around to each real estate office.

Real Estate Sale Contract

Buyers, sellers, and their realtors don’t have to juggle calendars to find a time that works for clients and all other parties involved.
Nowadays, real estate professionals can use electronic signature solution to make the buying and selling process streamlined and a lot more efficient. Nothing gets misplaced, and you don’t need to arrive at signers’ office to review and sign offer letters, purchase and sale agreements, and closing papers. Instead, you can close the deal as quickly as possible remotely using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Go Mobile to Close More Real Estate Deals

Seldom do realtors work stuck at the office, from their desk or PC. Implementing an electronic signature solution can help you send out purchase and sale agreements and to receive signed documents from anywhere, anytime. Being mobile means, you can process all documents and forms online on your tablet, laptop, or mobile device. Therefore, improve clients’ experience, because they know they will hear back from you quickly.

Reduce Hassles and Errors

Delayed closing of deals because of human errors is a thing of the past. Completing the full documentation, and getting together all forms is no longer a long-drawn and error-filled process. Real estate agents can skip the mundane cycle of printing, scanning, and sending documents. Changes or errors in the document can be revised and shared in a matter of seconds. 

Remove paperwork, eSignatures for real estate industry

Streamline the Paperwork

With multiple prospects and opportunities in the pipeline, real estate professionals encounter a great deal of paperwork. Not to mention how exhausting for brokers is keeping account of dozens to hundreds of documents and their current statuses. An electronic signature solution can make the lengthy paperwork go away. Enabling realtors to close deals faster means faster revenues and a lot of time and effort saved.

Enhance Client Satisfaction and Loyalty 

Do your clients have demanding schedules, often needing to be in a different place in a moment’s notice? If you usually face situations when finding time to sign a document in person is challenging for them, the eSignatures for real estate can solve that. Realtors can offer eSignature convenience to clients with the ability to sign contracts and other forms anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Close Real Estate Deals Faster with eSignatures

Faster Real Estate Transactions

In conclusion, as a real estate broker or agent, you won’t be tied to the office, and you can skip traveling to different sites with clients and partners.
By choosing eSignatures to get the real estate deal signed by the client and all the associated parties, you can turn weeks into hours and reduce the time to revenue. In fact, real estate companies that adopted electronic signatures are 18% more likely to shorten their sales cycles. 

DigiSigner is the fastest, most secure way to close real estate deals. Sign up for your electronic signature free trial today.

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