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DigiSigner is a family of products for creating cryptographic digital
signatures in PDF documents. Use our free DigiSigner tool to
sign PDFs on your desktop. Use our DigiSigner Library for
signing documents from your code. Use our DigiSigner
Applet to get PDFs signed directly in the browser.
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"Ever find yourself needing to sign a document, invoice, contract or work order...? Do as I do, use DigiSigner –
a tiny tool that can digitally sign a PDF file and verify signatures; securely, without worry of being compromised."

Cyndi Papia, Virtual Assistant,
DigiSigner Applet

DigiSigner Applet

Do you want to view and sign PDF documents in your web application, directly in the browser? Then take a look at our DigiSigner Applet.
DigiSigner tutorial

DigiSigner Library

DigiSigner Library is a Java library with simple API for creating digital signatures in PDFs. Use it on the server, desktop or in your applets.

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Sign your documents faster
Sign your documents faster
Sign your PDFs in less than two minutes without getting out of your chair. You don't need to print, scan or fax your documents anymore. Digital signatures are a modern and ecological way to sign your files.
Completely secure
Protect your documents
Digital signatures protect your PDF files from tampering and ensure your identity as the signer. Add digital signatures to your PDF documents and show to your customers that you care about security.
DigiSigner News
13 March 2014
Released a new product DigiSigner Online. This is a web application for signing PDF documents that you can install on your server and use within your organization.

4 February 2014
We released a new version of our DigiSigner Library. You can add now new signature fields to your documents. This can be useful, if you want to specify where exactly in the document your users should place their signatures.

21 October 2013
We decided to make our DigiSigner desktop tool completely free for both personal and commercial use. Enjoy it!

3 March 2013
New DigiSigner version 3.3.6 with fixes regarding displaying of scanned PDF documents is released.

7 November 2012
New DigiSigner version 3.3.2 with signature preview functionality is released.
Now you can see how the signature will look like before you create it.

3 November 2012
New DigiSigner version 3.3.1 with support for French and Portuguese languages. We support 6 languages now.
Simple and intuitive
Batch sign your PDFs
Do you have to sign many documents every day? Use our batch signing feature. Just specify how to sign one document and then apply your signature to all documents in the folder of your choice.
Design your signature
Design your signatures
Make your digital signatures look professional. Create your own signature appearance using different images and fonts. Add your company logo to it. Decide what should be shown and what not. Be creative.
Signature verification
Verify your signatures
DigiSigner verifies digital signatures for you to ensure that your document was not changed or damaged. It is as easy as clicking on them. DigiSigner informs you who signed the document and reports other important details.
Support for smartcards
Sign using smartcards
Use smartcards and USB tokens (a.k.a. PKCS#11 tokens) to digitally sign your documents. DigiSigner also automatically recognizes smartcards and certificates in your internal Windows key store.
Support for time stamp server
Time stamp server support
Make your signatures more secure and trustworthy by getting the current time for them from a time stamp server of your choice. This way you can always prove the real time the signature was created.
Adobe Reader compatibility
Adobe Reader interoperability
Signatures produced with DigiSigner are visible and verifiable in standard Adobe Reader tool. Visible signatures created with Adobe Reader or other applications can be also opened and verified using DigiSigner.
Powered by Java technology
Multi-Language Support
DigiSigner supports currently English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian languages and we are going to support more. Do you want to use DigiSigner in your native language? Write us about it.
Powered by Java technology
Powered by Java technology
DigiSigner is implemented with Java technology and therefore runs everywhere Java runs. Windows installer checks if Java is available on your computer and automatically installs it for you if required.